Ex Naval Fleet Tenders

Our travels on Holmwood and more

Fleet tender information Cartmel Class

Fleet Tenders Clovelly Class

Fleet Tenders

Thank you to Dave Clancy for providing these photos 








Fleet Tenders continued













 Loyal governor

 Loyal Helper

Loyal Mediator 

 Loyal Moderator

 Loyal Proctor


Royal Volunteer 

 Loyal Watcher

Fleet Tender Lamlash Mashfords slipway 2008


                                                         Fleet Tender lamlash 2008

Fleet Tenders

Fleet Tender Fotherby

                     Fleet Tender Fotherby Grand Harbour Malta May 2009

Fleet tender Royal Moderator

Fleet tender Royal Moderator Torpoint 2014




 Hambledon in Mayflower Marina July 2014



M.V. Lechlade alongside the Quay Weymouth

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