Ex Naval Fleet Tenders

Our travels on Holmwood and more

Other Boats & Boats we recently worked on


Other Boats we have worked on                                       (see photo Gallery)

 M.Y Thea 53 metre super yacht                                                              Captain and Chef

 Seagull 1 26.5 metre Fuel Barge                                                             Captain

 Princess Duda 42 meter converted bulk sand/grain carrier                   Captain and Chef

 Drenec 40 metre ex icelantic trawler                                                      Captain

 Tugboat Grez 32.33 meter tugboat                                                         Captain and Cook

 Tugboat Victorin 32.30 meter tugboat                                                     Captain

 Tugboat Mirkurt 30.5 meter tugboat                                                        Captain  and Cook

 Tugboat March 37.5 meter tugboat                                                         Captain and Cook

 Salmo Salar   live Fish carrier                                                                  Captain

 Raba   Fishing Boat                                                                                  Captain



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